What is the SGP Prize?

The prize is awarded by Conservation International (CI), a global organization that works to spotlight the natural world and secure its benefits for people and nature. CI’s expertise in biodiversity and wide network of partners will help guide the Selection Committee and connect the prize winners to scalable solutions for people and nature. sgp prize

The SGP will focus on projects that address the critical challenges facing our planet’s ecosystems, people and communities. Its aim is to highlight and support solutions that can be implemented and scaled up across the region, thereby contributing to a sustainable future for all.

In addition, the SGP will provide a platform to showcase best practice and lessons learned from these award winners and their initiatives. These examples will be used to inspire more organizations in Singapore and the broader Asia Pacific region to adopt and implement these innovations in their own work.

The winners will receive a cash prize of $500,000, a trophy and a plaque. They will also be invited to attend an awards ceremony at the National Museum of Singapore in late 2022. In addition to the award, the winning organizations will be given a year-long platform on the website of the SGP for their work.

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