Singapore Prize and Other Singapore Prizes

singapore prize

There are many prizes that Singaporeans can win for their academic achievements, sportsmanship or for their contribution to the community. These awards are governed by the University of Singapore’s statutes and regulations.

The singapore prize, a $20,000 scholarship award for first-year undergraduate students, is made thanks to the generosity of alumni who live in or have strong links with Singapore. The prize will be awarded to one or more candidates of sufficient merit who are in their first year of undergraduate study in any of the four-year bachelor degree programmes offered by the College.

Besides the singapore prize, there are other prizes that students can apply for to help fund their education and travel abroad. Examples include the Beinecke Scholarship, which enables UNC-Chapel Hill students to spend their summers abroad conducting research in the arts and humanities.

Another award, the Singapore prize for international filmmaking, is presented at the annual Singapore International Film Festival and awards are given in six categories. This year’s competition saw Taiwanese director Laha Mebow win best director for her film Gaga and Thailand’s Sorayos Prapapan, who starred in the short film Arnold Is A Model Student, win the jury special mention award.

The prize is worth a minimum of USD 10,000 and is made in conjunction with the Singapore Film Festival, the longest running international film festival in the world. The festival has screened a total of more than 800 films and has been a major player in the global film industry for more than three decades, attracting a discerning audience that includes both industry professionals and amateurs.

As for the winner of the prize, it is up to a committee of experts drawn from academia, the arts and the public sector to choose. They are expected to award the prize to a candidate who demonstrates an exceptional and original ability to explore a topic with a broad and holistic view.

SINGAPORE – The stories of average Singaporeans take centre stage on the shortlist of this year’s National University of Singapore (NUS) History Prize. The mix of historical tomes and novels and non-fiction with a personal slant forgoes the traditional view of history as a record of big movers and shakers. In the running is Kamaladevi Aravindan’s novel Sembawang, which details life in the estate of the same name across five decades.

There are many ways to get prizes in Singapore, from lottery tickets to sweepstakes to gift cards and much more! However, be aware that some of these prize types may be regulated by the Gambling and Sweep Duties Act.

For instance, the lottery, which is a legal form of gambling in Singapore, must be conducted in compliance with the law. If a person wins a lottery, they must declare the prize immediately to the authorities and report their winnings to the government.

A sweepstake is a type of prize promotion that can be conducted in Singapore, but does not fall under the Betting and Sweep Duties Act. The only thing that can make a sweepstake illegal is to encourage people to gamble.

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