Data SGP – Using Wide-Format Data With the SGP Package

data sgp

The data sgp package provides a suite of functions that allow you to analyze student growth in terms of percentiles and projections. These analysis functions can be used to determine the performance of students in terms of their growth on a variety of tests and assessment instruments.

Using wide-format data with the SGP package

In general, you should format your data in WIDE data formats when using the SGP package. These data formats provide numerous preparation and storage benefits over the more common LONG data formats. For many of the analyses that are conducted with the SGP package, you will find that formatting in the WIDE data format is the preferred approach.

Choosing which WIDE data format to use for your SGP analyses

The choice of whether to format your data in the WIDE or LONG data format will depend on a number of factors, including the type of analysis you intend to perform and the type of student data you have. You will also need to consider the types of functions you wish to use with the data you are analyzing in order to ensure that you have sufficient information to perform these analyses correctly and efficiently.

sgpData, sgpProj, sgpCurve and sgpAlgorithm

The sgpData, sgpProj and sgpCurve data formats provide you with a large amount of information for the student assessment scores in a single file. These data files can be accessed with an Excel or a text editor. In addition to providing the grade level, sgpData is also able to provide the test scale score for each of the 5 years the data was collected.

sgpData is not designed to be an archival data format, so you will need to maintain the integrity of your data and its accuracy when storing it in the sgpData, sgpProj, or sgpCurve formats. It is important to note that the data in these files can be corrupted or deleted at any time and you should ensure that your data is stored securely to avoid this issue.

sgpProj and sgpCurve are the most commonly used data analysis functions in SGP and are both available at a reasonable price on our website. These data analysis functions provide a high level of detail and are able to generate reports that can be shared with others.

If you are interested in using sgpProj and sgpCurve to generate reports for your students, you can contact us and we can set up a time to discuss the details of your project. We can also provide you with a range of other data analysis services to help you improve your student’s performance in the classroom.

To learn more about how to use the SGP data analysis functions in sgpData, please consult our SGP data analysis vignette. It will provide you with a wealth of information on the various options available for performing your SGP analyses and how to get started.

You can also visit our sgpData, sgpProj, and sgpAlgorithm pages to learn more about how to perform your SGP analyses. These pages will also explain the differences between the different data analysis functions in SGP and how to use them effectively.

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